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Sep 26, 2016

Gravity Fields Economic Impact Study

For a second year we are supporting South Kestven District Council with an economic impact assessment and evaluation of the  2016 Gravity Fields festival.  The  event ran from the 21st to the 25th September and is the third time the bi-ennial event has been held in the Lincolnshire town.










Our impact assessment will support the organisers understand their audience demographics, how footfall patterns change in thwe town when the festival is on and how they add value to the local economy.  If you have been to the festival, please complete the visitor survey.

In 2014 the festival generated £250,000 net additional visitor spend in the town and had an overall economic impact of almost £600,000.  

A total of 26% of the audience were-in bound visitors to Grantham, with 18.2% being on a day trip and 7.8% on an overnight stay.  This meant the Gravity Fields festival brought 5,833 day visitors into the town and 2,492 people who were on an overnight stay.

The festival also brought in new audiences to cultural events, with 9.5% of the audience on their first visit to a major cultural event and a further 14.4% of visitors who had not attended a cultural event in over a year.